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Marine Display, Sunlight readable display

marine display

Marine display and computer required to face up to the tough maritime atmosphere additionally as military requiring low EMI or long-run vibration resilience. We support a spread of marine flat panel monitors specifically designed to face up to the maritime atmosphere and appropriate for bridge management display, navigation, observance & police investigation, and Ship Automation.

The industrial marine flat panel display suits anti-shock, anti-vibration, and might be made-to-order to incorporate choices like integrated bit screens. every model is factory-made underneath strict quality standards. Our digital display flat panel displays area unit designed to be used throughout the marine trade, high brightness sunlight readable LCD and all weatherproof ip65.

Rugged military display and computer is designed to fulfill application desires of your military monitor show and digital display flat panels. We are specifically designed to face up to the tough military atmosphere and to fulfill the demanding demands of IEC 60945, the international normal for military navigation and radio communications instrumentation & Systems. These industrial monitor also meet NEMA 4/4X IP65/66.

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rugged monitor

Rugged display, Panel mount monitor, Rack mount monitor

Professional rugged display and computer manufacturer providing industrial grade computers and peripherals for world wide, the rugged display include the panel mount monitor, VESA / wall mount monitor, rack mount monitor, open frame monitor

industrial computer

Industrial & Rugged Computer for Military and Marine

The industrial computer is specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions include all weather waterproof IP65 NEMA, rugged computer, rack mount computer, panel PC, fan-less functions computer.

"These products are build-in the sunlight readable LCD module and waterproof, designed for releasable operation in extreme environments."

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sunlight readable display

Sunlight readable display, sunlight readable LCD

The sunlight readable display include the sunlight readable LCD, very high brightness LCD over 1000nits, light sensor or manual deep dimming,Ad board, led driving board and housing.

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