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The industrial displays and monitors are rugged solutions for any industry applications. Functions include the sunlight readable high brightness and deep-dimming capabilities (manual brightness controlling), LED backlighting, multiple inputs, and versatile mounting options, our  industry displays are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. These monitors can be used for points of purchase, manufacturing, mining, drive-thrus, retail, and energy sector applications. We also offer the customized products that can meet the needs of any industry, include the Chassis Monitor,Rear Mount Monitor,CT Rack Monitor,Marine Monitor,Stainless Steel Monitor,Rugged Monitor,Large Screen Monitor.

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marine monitorThe waterproof marine monitors are IP65 sealed and built to stringent standards. The marine displays are sunlight-readable high brightness, optical bonded glass, and deep-dimming capabilities (manual brightness controling) in all marine environments and conditions.  These high performance boat marine displays are engineered to survive the most demanding conditions. With the strong metal housing(case), these slim profile marine monitors are light weight and very energy efficient. We can offer the marine monitor sizes from 8.4 to 24", the high bright sunlight readable panel allow for excellent contrast and clarity in both daylight and direct sun. 

Military DisplayThe military display and computer are designed for durability, reliability, optimal performance in extreme environments. The military rugged LCD monitor and computer are ideal for mission critical applications thats include many functions such as wide range operating temperature, IP ratings, waterproof and dust proof houseing, and touch screens, optically bonded front glass,high brightness and contrast for at-a-glance readability. 

waterproof monitorAll weather outdoor waterproof monitor products come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit outside and waterproof needs. The industrial waterproof monitors sealed to either IP65 or IP67 waterproof standard.The all weather monitors have a waterproof front screen and the IP65 is fully sealed all round that classifies the degrees of protection provided against against ingress of dusts and water projected from all direction. Our monitors can provide options for sunlight readable, allowing you to see clearly, even in direct sunlight. All of these products an be customized for style and color,Wi-Fi,computer, thermal monitoring and touch screen. These all weather outdoor waterproof monitor can be used for boats, airports , terminals, parks, sporting stadiums, bus or train stops, retail displays, advertising and so on.

sunlight readable displayThe sunlight readable displays are ideal for use in direct sunshine and high bright areas. First, we use the low power consumption led backlighting to achieve brightness, and while both achieve excellent image clarity and does not increase heat usually associated with high power back lighting, with the high brightness levels available from 800 nits to 1500nits , our sunlight readable LCD monitors are commercially available non-enhanced LCD and after-market enhanced products. We also supply the optional optical bonding (VBOND) to improve the  sunlight readability, enhancing display performance in high and low temperatures. Second, we can use the transflective lcd, the transflective displays offer the  lower power for the very good sunlight readability, and good balance between indoor and outdoor area.


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You are here: Home > Products > Industrial Monitor