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Industrial monitor

Industrial monitor are the standard go-to device for nearly any business or industrial display purpose for rugged industrial environments,more than just a simple industrial monitor! Siemens provides reliable and and extremely rugged LCD monitors

  • 19" sunlight readable Display

    19 inch sunlight readable monitor19" sunlight readable LCD display / Monitor (Model: SD-19) LED High Brightness , VGA Input .

    • Very High Brightness 1000~1500 nits
    • Full monitor, open chassis and kit of parts with cables
    • VGA input is standard - Composite, S video and DVI optional
    • Light sensor, Auto dimming option available
    • used for variety of
  • 3.5" sunlight readable Display

    3.5" sunlight readable display,3.5" high bright lcd Monitor (Model: SD-3.5) .The sunlight readable lcd display engineered specifically for use in direct sunlight or very high ambient light conditions. 

    • Sunlight readable - Very High Brightness 1000 nits
    • Wide Temperature range -20 to + 60 deg. C
    • configurations: full monitor, open chassis and kit of parts
    • with
  • Fanless Computer

    Fanless computer used in dusty and dirty environments, very small, and low power consumption minimum 5 Watts designs that offer sufficient storage and expansion. The fanless pc are passively cooled with solid state storage for reliable silent operation.

  • FAQS for industrial rugged monitor & Computer

    What is your warranty policy?

    12 months,warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online.  All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought.


    How about delivery, how quick is it?
    For a sample,we can deliver to you next day if we have stocks. If you have an order outstanding and need to know when it will arrive exactly please give us a call

  • Industrial Monitor

    The industrial displays and monitors are rugged solutions for any industry applications. Functions include the sunlight readable high brightness and deep-dimming capabilities (manual brightness controlling), LED backlighting, multiple inputs, and versatile mounting options, our  industry displays are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. These monitors can be used for points of purchase, manufacturing, mining, drive-thrus, retail, and energy sector applications. We

  • Industrial Rugged Display



  • Military Display

    Military DisplayThe military display and computer are designed for durability, reliability, optimal performance in extreme environments. The military rugged LCD monitor and computer are ideal for mission critical applications thats include many functions such as wide range operating temperature, IP ratings, waterproof and dust proof houseing, and touch screens, optically bonded front glass,high brightness and

  • Military Display & Computer

    Rugged Military display Monitors and Displays should perform to the very best of standards. We are utilized in military applications is put to sleep a number of the harshest and most nerve-wracking use within the most extreme conditions and environments. once it involves military use, lives are often on the road. solely the foremost rugged technology can satisfy. Our rugged military alphanumeric display monitors ar designed to satisfy all military necessities, with vision Imaging System

  • Open Frame Monitor

    Open frame mount rugged industrial monitor is designed for the variety of industrial environments such as gaming, ATM, simulator, hospitality, kiosks. The open frame displays is the high quality easy installation display solutions for OEM and system integrators requiring displays, not only support rear mount and VESA mounting, but also supports the touch screen monitor as resistive or capacitive. With the small bezel design and light features ,the open frame monitors are perfect for

  • Our Certifications

    We value our business each and every day, and put our hearts into every aspect of our company. It’s great to know that we have developed its reputation for quality and for standing behind our products.

    The certificae of conformity is based on an evaluatin of a sample of the product.Technical report and documentation are at the applicant's disposal.This is to certify that the tested sample is in conformity with all revision of CE,FCC,Rohs, IP ratings,in its latest amended

  • outdoor tv enclosure is comming

    Manufacturers of twaterproof LCD enclosure range, these outdoor digital signage enclosures provide waterproof and vandal proof protection to outdoor TV's. Our range of display enclosures are supply throughout the world through our various distribution centers strategically placed.

    The LCD enclosure range are designed for the digital signage market, however our units also offer Industrial protection to IP65 for factory information system protection and not forgetting the outdoor home

  • Panel Mount Monitor

    Panel Mount rugged industrial monitor are designed for panel, front mount and VESA mounting for harsh environments typically rugged industrial and commercial applications. The open frame monitors are available with a wide range choices for  resistive or capacitive touch screen, and IP65 vandal-proof protective glass, also available with a rear mount PC. They are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with various industry standards and withstand the effects of severe environments such as

  • Rack Mount Monitor

    Rack Mount rugged industrial monitor is designed to be placed in a variety of industrial environments protection wide variety of industrial control and man-machine interface applications. We provides quality Rack mount Monitor, Rackmount Chassis, server cabinet, KVM, rack console, rugged industrial LCD monitor. The rack mount LCD monitors from General Digital are enclosed with all metal panels, manufactured for performance where durability is at a premium, wide size range, 1U and 2U

  • Terms and Conditions

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    We have the right to prohibit any user name, password or other logo, whether you or we offer the choice, at any time, if, in our opinion,

  • VESA Mount Monitor

    VESA/Wall Mount Rugged Industrial Monitor is designed to be placed in a variety of industrial environments requiring protection at the frontal bezel from the intrusion of dust and/or splashing water. This rugged display satisfies a wide variety of industrial control and man-machine interface applications and is integrated with a very bright, high-contrast and extremely durable true industrial grade TFT display.

  • What is the IP Rating?

    You should hear the IP65/68 Waterproof standard before. The first digit of the IP code indicates the degree that persons are protected against contact with moving parts and the degree that equipment is protected against solid foreign bodies intruding into an enclosure. Second digit indicates the degree of protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture

    IP65 means Dust-tight and Protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions. The Radiant 8 is IP68,

  • What is the touch screen?

    The touchscreen is the monitor which can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area.Our monitor and panel computer will take “Resistive Touch” or “Infrared (IR) Touch” to contribute a a lot of intuitive surroundings.

    The resistive touchscreen panel consists of many layers. the foremost vital ar 2 skinny bimetallic electrically semiconductive and resistive layers separated by skinny house. once some object bites this sort of touch panel, the layers ar


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