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Military - Displays & Industrial military displays and industrial monitors built to stand up to harsh environments, shock and vibration. Custom Engineered To Meet the Most Demanding Military Applications.

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    Marine Display, Sunlight readable display

    marine display

    Marine display and computer required to face up to the tough maritime atmosphere additionally as military requiring low EMI or long-run vibration resilience. We support a spread of marine flat panel monitors specifically designed to face up to the maritime atmosphere and appropriate for bridge management display, navigation, observance

  • Military Display

    Military DisplayThe military display and computer are designed for durability, reliability, optimal performance in extreme environments. The military rugged LCD monitor and computer are ideal for mission critical applications thats include many functions such as wide range operating temperature, IP ratings, waterproof and dust proof houseing, and touch screens, optically bonded front glass,high brightness and

  • Military Display & Computer

    Rugged Military display Monitors and Displays should perform to the very best of standards. We are utilized in military applications is put to sleep a number of the harshest and most nerve-wracking use within the most extreme conditions and environments. once it involves military use, lives are often on the road. solely the foremost rugged technology can satisfy. Our rugged military alphanumeric display monitors ar designed to satisfy all military necessities, with vision Imaging System

  • What is the marine & military display standard features?

    • Most of size is from 8"~24"
    • high brightness at least 1000nits
    • Long Life, Low Power sulight readable
    • Wide Operating Temperature
    • wide brightness adjustment(deep dimming)
    • Advanced Optical Bonding and anti-reflective
    • High Shock & Vibration Resistance
    • Touch screen 
    • IP65 front side Waterproof
    • 9-36V DC wide range voltage

Why choose us

Best prices; legendary support and extended warranty; friendly staff and professional service; true, comprehensive solutions; specialty technology in lcd, monitor, computer products from china.

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